Moroccan Sahara: Jorge Dezcallar Describes Autonomy Plan as Realistic

Former Spanish ambassador to Morocco and former Director of the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI), Jorge Dezcallar, stated that the Moroccan Autonomy Plan is “the realistic solution” for the resolution of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

Dezcallar stressed, in an interview with the Spanish electronic newspaper “El Independiente” published on June 17, that autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty is “the most realistic solution” to this conflict.

Firmly rejecting any project other than that proposed by Morocco, Dezcallar recalled that the Moroccan initiative enjoys the support of “great international powers.”

In a similar context, Dezcallar underlined that while the Southern Moroccan provinces are developing, “those in the Tindouf camps struggle to survive in dire conditions.”

“Laayoune is currently a hub attracting infrastructure and investment,” stressed Dezcallar.

In terms of relations between Morocco and Madrid, Dezcallar affirmed that he is “a devout supporter of strong, close and solid relations with Morocco,” adding that “what is good for Spain is good for Morocco.”

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