Moroccan Youth International MUN to Kick off on May 25 in Rabat

The third edition of the Moroccan Youth International Model United Nations (MUN) Conference will kick off on May 25, in Rabat, with a diverse group of delegates from around the world that will engage in lively debates and negotiations.

This program encourages Model United Nations (MUN) clubs to take concrete action in support of United Nations (UN) principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by taking part in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, exchanging firsthand knowledge about the United Nations (UN), and organizing workshops to teach students how to make accurate simulations.

Speaking about the objectives of the MUN Conference,  MUN Ambassador, Ali Elouafi, explained that the simulations aim to develop universally acceptable drafts of the proposals for existing global issues, educate participants about the working process of the United Nations, and draft adequate proposals to solve some issues that the world faces.

Elouafi also shed light on the activities that the participants will get to take part in, underlining the skills the youth will develop thanks to this experience, such as the ability to confront and solve international problems, and to speak confidently and persuasively, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and the sense of global responsibility.

In a similar context, Elouafi highlighted the cultural aspect of the MUN, as the latter welcomes participants from different cultural backgrounds, adding that this diversity contributes to instilling cultural sensitivity among our youth.

The United Nations (UN) Model United Nations (MUN) Program seeks to establish and preserve close ties between the United Nations (UN) and participants in the Model United Nations (MUN).

The Model United Nations (MUN) simulations serve as popular educational activities for anyone who wishes to learn more about the United Nations (UN).

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from primary school through university across the globe take part in Model United Nations (MUN) simulations, seeking an innovative experience that would be highly beneficial to their future and will help them develop their social skills, such as public speaking, diplomacy, and critical thinking.

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