Morocco: “Aborted a terrorist plot” and dismantled an “ISIS” cell headed by “Emir”

The Central Bureau of Judicial Research in Morocco announced, this morning, Wednesday, “the abort of an imminent terrorist plot after the dismantling of an extremist cell operating in Tangiers, affiliated with ISIS.”

In the light of accurate intelligence provided by the interests of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, the Central Office for Judicial Research was able, in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, to abort an imminent terrorist plot after the dismantling of an extremist cell operating in Tangiers, consisting of five people aged between 22 and 28 years They had pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization ISIS.

The Central Office for Judicial Research issued a statement in which it indicated that “the intervention operations carried out by the Special Force elements of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, simultaneously in Tangiers, resulted in the arrest of the alleged “emir” of this terrorist cell, who showed violent resistance, forcing the elements of Intervening to launch sound bombs to warn and neutralize the danger, and four other members imbued with takfiri ideology and carrying a terrorist project with transnational extensions were arrested, noting that “the elements of the Special Force were keen, during the intervention process in the house of the leader of this terrorist cell, to evacuate and secure members of the concerned family. The order and the nearby residents, in order to ensure their safety and ward off risks arising from the possibility of any possible explosion, especially after the inspection and spatial survey procedures revealed the presence of bottles and containers of different sizes including nitric acid and suspicious chemical liquids, and quantities of nails and electrical wires, and 6 gas cylinders of small size. suspected of being harnessed for the purposes of preparing homemade explosives.

He explained that “a large flag bearing the emblem of ISIS, paramilitary clothes, and white weapons of various sizes, including sharp cutters, flat tools, a large sword, and information equipment and supports, as well as publications and photos of Adnan “Abu Al-Walid Al-Sahrawi”, a former leader in the organization were seized. ISIS in the Sahel and Sahara region.

Also, “the preliminary information of the research revealed that the members of this terrorist cell engaged in a campaign to attract and recruit to strengthen their ranks, and they also acquired many supplies and preparations that are used in the manufacture of traditional explosive devices, after an internal subscription process to raise the necessary money, in preparation for conducting remote detonation operations.” They had been identified as targets, with headquarters and security figures, as well as public stores that received Moroccan and foreign citizens.

The statement added: “This terrorist cell bet on the manufacture and preparation of explosives and explosive devices on the technical training of one of its members, as a technician specializing in electricity and working in the field of camera connectivity. Extremist informatics on the Internet”, as “the preliminary information of the research indicated that the “emir” of this terrorist cell had entered into several contacts with prominent leaders of ISIS in the Sahel and Sub-Saharan region, in order to provide the financial resources necessary to finance its terrorist projects, as well as Ensuring possible supplies of weapons and other logistical equipment necessary for terrorist operations.

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