Morocco Calls for Enhanced Cooperation for Sustainable Agriculture

Morocco’s ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, called for tripartite cooperation between Morocco, Africa, and Europe for sustainable agriculture, based on the latest digital technologies and a qualified workforce.

During a meeting on “The Evolution of Italian and European Agribusiness between Sustainability and Welfare,” organized by the Italian Green Economy Agency (GEA), Balla stated that this partnership aims to make sustainable agriculture an engine for economic development to ensure food security in Africa

Balla noted that this cooperation could focus on two main areas, namely the promotion of new technologies and vocational training for a skilled workforce for the optimal use of these technologies, recommending the implementation of agroecological production techniques that effectively meet the needs of sustainable development in Africa.

According to Balla, such production techniques will increase agricultural productivity and build its resilience to the effects of climate change, thus contributing to reducing food and nutritional insecurity in the continent.

The ambassador added that the food crisis currently plaguing many populations and economies worldwide, threatens the social fabric, supply chains, raw materials, food, and farmers, stressing that sustainable agriculture in an innovative framework, based on research and creation, will address these challenges.

In this context, Balla highlighted the Kingdom’s new vision regarding agricultural development, embodied in the “Green Generation 2020-2030″ strategy, which is a continuation of the “Green Morocco Plan,” introduced in 2008.

Balla added that this roadmap is based on two pillars, namely strengthening the human factor through the rise of a new generation of middle-class farmers and young entrepreneurs, and the development of a resilient and sustainable agricultural sector by adopting smart practices in the face of climate challenges. 

In this context, Balla affirmed that Morocco, based on the deep-rooted conviction of the need to boost the competitiveness of African agriculture in an increasingly globalized world, is committed to sharing its expertise in the agricultural field with other African countries. 

Morocco’s term on the Executive Board of the World Food Program (WFP) was recently renewed for the third consecutive year as coordinator of the African Group. This re-election, unanimously approved by African countries, is a testament to the trust placed in Morocco and its constant commitment to the African cause.

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