Morocco Develops Hepatitis C Diagnostic Device

Moroccan researchers at the Moroccan Foundation for Innovation, Science and scientific research have developed the first molecular diagnostic test for Hepatitis C. This clinical test has been approved nationally and internationally. Not to mention that it has obtained regulatory registration in Morocco. This device is 100% Moroccan and is available to all international standards, with a high degree of efficiency, accuracy and low costs. It also aims at contributing to the health security of the Kingdom, as well as supporting the national strategy to popularize medical promotion.

Prior to the diagnosis of the Hepatitis C virus, the rapid enzyme testing phase has to be completed. Thanks to the completed research, the medical staff was able to obtain a fast, safe and reliable diagnostic device with a pretty good price 5 times lower than the current cost.

Indeed, this achievement marks the beginning of reducing the problem of 1.2% of Morocco’s population infected by hepatitis, most of whom are unaware of this due to a lack of diagnosis. As a result, this infection kills 13 Moroccan citizens every day.

Thus, in order to ensure their safety, citizens should have early diagnosis in case of symptoms of the disease.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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