Morocco Hosts Conference on Food Security in Arab Countries

A conference and exhibition on Arab food security will be held on October 2 and 3 in Marrakech, under the theme “Agrifood Industries and their Role in Achieving Food Security”.

Organized under the High Royal Patronage by the Federation of Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services and the Union of Arab Chambers (UAC), the event will bring together researchers and experts from the Arab world to discuss vital issues relating to food security in Arab countries.

According to a press release by the organizers, the event, which includes a conference, an exhibition, and workshops, is an opportunity to compare and analyze best practices and explore the different layers of expertise in Arab countries.

The organizers stated that Marrakech was chosen to reflect Morocco’s commitment, alongside other brotherly Arab countries, to Arab-Arab cooperation in the face of challenges relating to geopolitics and climate change, which are majorly impacting the food security of populations in the Arab world, stressing that the conference and the five scheduled workshops will provide a space for reflection and the exchange of ideas to reach concrete, sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the Arab world.

According to the same source, the conference-exhibition is being held in an important context for the economies of the Arab world, which are undergoing a decisive turning point.

On this occasion, the President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services, Lahoucine Alayoua, stated that the “conference is important because of complex geopolitical developments that pose major challenges,” adding that “Arab countries must establish and maintain their sovereignty in the field of food security.”

The exhibition will enable exhibitors to showcase their various innovations and achievements in this field, which is a great opportunity to strengthen ties between Arab stakeholders, with a view to creating solid partnerships to address the challenges of food security in Arab countries.

Discussions during this two-day event will focus on five major themes, namely “Arab Food Security (Dimensions, Challenges, and Opportunities)”, “Arab Food Security (Current Situation and Prospects)”, “Leadership, Innovation, and Financing for Sustainable Agriculture”, “Food Security and the Food Industry”, and “the Role of Smart and Green Technologies in Agriculture and the Food Industry”.

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