Morocco-Israel Relations: Statement by Royal Office

Here follows a statement by the Royal Office: 

“The General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) recently issued a statement containing irresponsible claims and dangerous assumptions, regarding relations between Morocco and Israel, in connection with the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

In this regard, His Majesty’s Office stresses the following:

First: Morocco’s position on the Palestinian cause is unchanging. It constitutes one of the priorities of the foreign policy of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Commander of the Faithful and Chairman of al-Quds Committee, who places this cause at the same level as the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. For Morocco, this is a constant, principled position, which cannot be subjected to political bidding and narrow electoral campaigns.

Second: The Kingdom’s foreign policy is a prerogative of His Majesty the King, may Allah assist Him, under the Constitution, which the Sovereign implements in accordance with the national principles and the best interests of the country, foremost of which is the issue of territorial integrity.

Third: The Kingdom’s international relations cannot be subjected to blackmail by anyone and for any consideration whatsoever, especially in this challenging global context. The manipulation of the Kingdom’s foreign policy for a domestic partisan agenda thus constitutes a serious, unacceptable precedent.

Fourth: The renewal of relations between Morocco and Israel took place under clear specific circumstances known to the whole world. It is regulated by the Royal Office’s statement of December 10, 2020, and the communiqué issued on the same day following a telephone conversation between His Majesty the King and the Palestinian President, as well as by the Tripartite Declaration of December 22, 2020, signed in the presence of His Majesty.

The driving forces of the nation, political parties, several prominent figures, as well as some associations advocating for the Palestinian cause, were informed of this decision, for which they expressed their support and commitment.”

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