Morocco Partakes in 2nd Parliamentary Conference Russia-Africa

A Moroccan parliamentary delegation participated, between March 19 and 20 in Moscow, in the works of the 2nd International Parliamentary Conference Russia-Africa, held under the theme “Russia and Africa in a multipolar world.”

The Moroccan parliamentary delegation to this conference includes the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Sabbari, member of the House of Councilors, Jamal El Ouardi, and Morocco’s Ambassador to Russia, Lotfi Bouchaara. 

The works of this session, which brought together 45 African legislative institutions and the Russian State Duma, focused on several topics, notably parliamentary cooperation in the field of education and teaching, responses to economic challenges, and indivisible security.

In his speech on behalf of the Moroccan delegation in the panel devoted to indivisible security, Sabbari stressed the importance of uniting the African people and rejecting discrimination and secession. 

The Deputy Vice Speaker further stated that Morocco’s participation in this Conference aims to promote the voice of a united Africa and reject terrorism, secession, and interference in the affairs of States, adding that Africa needs active states within the continent, who will serve the best interests of the continent.

The plenary session of this Conference was marked by a speech from Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in which he affirmed Russia’s willingness to cooperate with African countries in several fields, and to double aid in infrastructure, energy production, debt relief, and exchange of Russian technology and expertise.

This session was also an opportunity for African people’s representatives to stress the importance of cooperation between Russia and Africa, explore several areas for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and stress the imperative of joint efforts to establish security and stability both in Africa and internationally. 

It should be recalled that the Moroccan Parliament participated in the first session of the International Parliamentary Forum Russia-Africa, held in Moscow in 2019 under the theme “Development Of Parliamentarism.”

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