Morocco’s Ambassador to Tanzania: Thanks to Royal Vision, Morocco Enjoys Leading Investment Position in West Africa

Morocco’s ambassador to Tanzania, Zakaria El Goumiri, stated that thanks to the regional dynamic diplomacy led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has succeeded in promoting itself as the leading African investor in West Africa.

In an interview published by the Tanzanian newspaper “The Guardian,” on the occasion of the celebration of Throne Day, El Goumiri indicated that since His Majesty the King’s accession to the Throne of His glorious Ancestors, the Sovereign has initiated a major transformation process, supported by an exceptional sense of duty and a firm commitment to progress.

The Moroccan ambassador noted that the glorious Throne Day is an opportunity to celebrate the Sovereign’s remarkable achievements and pay tribute to His Majesty’s visionary Leadership and unwavering determination to ensure the well-being of Moroccans.

“Under the Sovereign’s reign, Morocco has made significant advances in several fields, strengthening the Kingdom’s position at the regional and international levels,” explained El Goumiri.

The Moroccan diplomat also added that thanks to bold reforms and strategic initiatives led by His Majesty the King, Morocco has achieved significant growth following the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy, noting that Morocco has made remarkable progress in major sectors such as agriculture, industry, tourism, and renewable energies.

At the social level, the Kingdom’s ambassador underlined that the reign of His Majesty King Mohammed VI is characterized by a firm commitment to social progress and the development of human capital, recalling the actions of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) and Mohammed VI Foundation for Sustainable Development, which have contributed significantly to reducing poverty and inequality, reinforcing social inclusion, improving health services, and promoting inclusive education, particularly in rural areas.

El Goumiri also cited the modernization of Morocco’s infrastructure and urban landscape as another significant achievement under the reign of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, recalling that enormous investments had been made to boost transport networks, develop modern cities, and improve connectivity across the country.

Morocco’s ambassador affirmed that the Kingdom, faithful to its deep African roots, is working tirelessly to promote a comprehensive, mutually supportive, multi-faceted, and coherent South-South cooperation strategy with brotherly African countries, covering security, socio-economic, technical, cultural, religious, and human issues.

On Morocco-Tanzania relations, El Goumiri stressed that cooperation between the two countries has been “remarkable” since His Majesty the King visited Dar es Salaam in 2016.

El Goumiri added that since His Majesty’s visit, significant action has been taken in numerous sectors, including education and vocational training, agriculture, finance, insurance, and investment.

Morocco’s ambassador also indicated that, in 2023, OCP will offer Tanzania soil analysis services via a mobile laboratory in four regions, namely Mara, Tabora, Geita, and Kagera, to train at least 45.000 small-scale farmers.

El Goumiri recalled that the President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, launched, in August 2022, the subsidy program that allows Tanzanian farmers to access fertilizers, adding that OCP was committed to fully supporting this initiative by exporting over 250.000 tons of fertilizers to Tanzania to guarantee the country’s self-sufficiency.

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