National Council of the Independence Party approves participation in the next government

The National Council of the Istiqlal Party (PI) gave its approval on Saturday to participate in the next government.

In a press release sanctioning the work of its extraordinary session, held in virtual mode, the National Council clarified that its approval and support for the party’s participation in the next government come in response to the offer made by the designated head of government, Aziz. Akhannouch, told the party.

On this occasion, the National Council delegated the secretary general of the party, Nizar Baraka, alongside the members of the Executive Committee, to manage the negotiations relating to the next government, insisting on the imperative to form a strong, homogeneous, united and capable of effecting the change to which all Moroccans aspire.

The endorsement given by the National Council comes in harmony with the common will of party members to help build a strong, democratic, modern and united Morocco, to join the new generation of major projects led by HM the King, to implement the New Development Model and the Social Protection Generalization Project, accelerate advanced regionalization and reduce social and spatial disparities, in addition to promoting the middle class.

The extraordinary session of the PI was marked by the political offer presented by the SG of the party, in which he highlighted the “historic” victory that this formation achieved during the municipal, regional and legislative elections, as well as the process. partisan alliances with a view to the formation of elected councils, with full respect for democratic methodology and the results of the electoral operation.

At the opening of the proceedings, Mr. Baraka indicated that the convening of the National Council in extraordinary session was dictated by the need and the urgent developments related to the launch of the consultations relating to the formation of the new government, in the wake of the meeting. held with Mr. Akhannouch, last Monday, after his appointment by HM the King, head of government and responsible for training.

After the Kingdom’s success in organizing electoral events, despite the constraints linked to the pandemic and its fallout, “we are at the prelude of a new political and institutional horizon, of which we form a full part by force. things and by force of the ballot box, ”said the SG of PI.

In the legislative elections of September 8, the PI came third with 81 seats.

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