Nicolas Sarkozy Considers Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as Only Credible Solution to Moroccan Sahara Issue

“There is only one credible solution to the dispute over the Sahara, that proposed by Morocco,” said former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, on December 13 in Rabat.

“During my term, France was at the forefront of the Sahara issue; I have always considered that there is only one credible solution, that proposed by Morocco,” noted Sarkozy during the presentation ceremony of his latest work “Le temps des combats”, which took place in the presence of His Majesty’s Advisor, André Azoulay and France’s Ambassador to Morocco, Christophe Lecourtier.

“I am convinced of the Moroccanity of the Sahara; It is a position that I have always defended: a position of openness and development,” emphasized Sarkozy, expressing his hope that Europe progresses towards the same position as the United States.

“I defended this idea at the time of the late His Majesty King Hassan II and also during the era of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,” he continued, noting that “all this wasted time contributes to instilling the instability and uncertainty.”

The former French official also stressed that Morocco has been able to build a resilient economy and lasting stability while positioning itself as an influential country at the continental level. 

On this occasion, Sarkozy expressed his great admiration for His Majesty King Mohammed VI, describing the Sovereign as “an exceptional man and one of the great wise and visionary leaders.”

The former president further explained that Morocco’s strength lies in combining identity and modernity, adding that the Kingdom “respects its culture and its history and at the same time embraces modernity”.

“Morocco has successfully entered the modern world without selling off its lifestyle, its traditions, its particular universe,” concluding that it’s not to Moroccans that we need to explain the importance of safeguarding national identity.

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