Nuclear energy: Morocco and Hungary strengthen their cooperation

The National Center for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (CNESTEN) and the Hungarian Energy Research Center on Tuesday signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of strengthening their cooperation in nuclear energy. The document was initialed by Khalid El Mediouri, CEO of CNESTEN, and Akos Horvath, CEO of the Hungarian Energy Research Center.

According to the agreement, cooperation between the two institutions mainly concerns the use and application of research reactors and the development of experiences in their use. It also concerns the production of radioisotopes used in industry, agriculture, medicine and other fields as well as training and education. This agreement will strengthen cooperation relations between the two centers in the application of nuclear science and technology in various sectors, including the economy. It will also make it possible to develop new themes that are of interest to the national center, such as the development of the uses of research reactors and the production of radiopharmaceuticals for use in the medical, industrial and agricultural sectors.

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