Officially: The Government announces Covid-19’s restrictions relief starting on October 1st

The government has decided to take a set of measures, starting on Friday (October), following the recommendations of the scientific and technical committee, and taking into account the gradual improvement in the incidence of Covid-19 that Morocco has nowadays witnessed due to the actions taken by the public authorities, including the national vaccination campaign taking place; the latter has contributed to the improvement of the epidemiological situation across the country.

Besides, a government communiqué indicated that such measures included a nationwide ban on night movement from 11: 00 P.M to 5: 00 A.M, and allowing people to move between regions and districts, on condition that they have a certificate of “vaccination permit”, or administrative permit for movement which is handed over by the competent territorial authorities.

According to the same source, shops, restaurants and cafes will be supposed to be closed at 11: 00 at night, under the condition of not to exceed a capacity of 50 percent, as well as the capacity of public transport which should not exceed 75 percent , among other measures.

These measures also include allowing gatherings and activities in open and closed spaces for less than 50 people, in addition to a mandatory authorization from local authorities if this number exceeds, and allowing bathrooms and sports halls to operate within 50 percent of their capacity.

Hence, in order to successfully implement the measures have been mentioned, the government calls upon all citizens to continue to comply fully and strictly with all declared precautionary measures, including physical spacing, hygiene rules and, the mandatory wearing of protective masks.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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