On the Greek-Turkish border, refugees abandoned in the middle of the river

The Greek Council for Refugees has seized the ECHR, which requires the Greek authorities to protect migrants left for several days without water or food on islets in the middle of Evros.

While trying to cross the Evros River, which marks the border between Turkey and Greece, with thirty-eight compatriots, on April 17, Mr. A., a young Syrian, was spotted by Turkish border guards. His group is then forced to land on an island located between the two countries.

The next day, the Greek Council for Refugees (CGR), which legally represents the refugees, seized the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR); the latter immediately imposed on the Greek State temporary protective measures for these exiles stranded for several days without water, food or medical aid. The Greek authorities, supposed to respond to the ECHR and allow refugees to be sheltered and to file an asylum application as required by European law, do not follow up.

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