Opening of the Exhibition “Footage of the Work of the United Nations in Morocco”

‘’On Monday at the National Library of the kingdom of Morocco in Rabat, the exhibition “footage of the work of the United Nations in Morocco” was opened on the occasion of the commemoration of United Nations Day’’,  MAP Rabat reported.

Organized by the United Nations Development system in Morocco and running until November 8th, the exhibition reflects the richness and diversity of field interventions of 25 United Nations Development System funds, programs and agencies in support of and accompanying the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Morocco.

Through a collection of 30 eloquent images that prioritize the human dimension, the exhibition covers topics as diverse as the functions of the various United Nations agencies in Morocco, such as health, reproductive health, childhood, empowerment of women and youth, rural development, training and youth employment, South – South cooperation, conservation and development of endangered species, migration and refugee

The exhibition also pays tribute to Morocco’s exemplary commitment to the United Nations, since it joined the organization in 1956. It begins with historical images such as the portrait of the late His Majesty King Mohammed V accompanied by former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld during his visit to the United Nations in 1957, along with recent images such as the handover of the United Nations medal to 752 Moroccan Blue Berets after completing their mission in the Central African Republic in August.

In an opening statement, Ms. Silvia Lopez – ECRA, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Development system in Morocco, praised Morocco’s ‘’ strong and effective commitment to the ideals and major initiatives of the United Nations, whether at the global, regional, or local level”, stressing that “this commitment, which began 65 years ago, has never stopped since then”.

In this regard, she noted that more than 2,000 Moroccan soldiers were in the Blue Berets of United Nations missions, making the kingdom the eleventh country to contribute to United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Ms. Lopez – ECRA explained that this year’s United Nations Day marks the 76th anniversary of the Charter of the organization, noting that it was particularly marked by the launch by the secretary-general of the United Nations of the report” our common plan”, which contains the vision and ambition of the United Nations for the next 25 years and recommendations to its member states in this area.

In relation with these 31 pictures displayed, Ms. Lopez highlighted that all of them involve a unique and deep story embedded in all national cultures. Also, each image reflects “inspirational personal or group stories, certificates of resilience, commitment to a better tomorrow and a promising future”.

For her part, the representative of UN-Women in the Maghreb, Ms. Laila rahawi, said in a statement to the Arab Maghreb news agency that this opening is an opportunity for the United Nations system to share the analysis, best practices, support, and cooperation conducted on various topics and the priorities of the kingdom of Morocco with its national partners, national institutions, and civil society organizations.

“In addition, each United Nations agency works with partners in the areas of girls’ education, the fight against violence, health, access to services, a culture of equality, masculinity, and positive parenting”, she added.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of ministerial sectors, the diplomatic corps, and representatives of United Nations agencies in Morocco, representatives of the private sector, civil society, and youth.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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