Rabat to Host First Symposium on Art, Disability in September

The first Symposium on Art and Disability is scheduled to take place between September 19 and 23 in Rabat under the theme “The Role of Inclusive Art in Cultural Diversity.”

Organized by the Moroccan Association of Art for Disabled People (AMAH) in partnership with Al-Mada Foundation, this symposium aims to discuss the importance of art in the lives of people with mental and/or psychic disabilities, and share experiences and innovative solutions to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in the field of art.

According to the organizers, this event will bring together artists, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, parents, and representatives of organizations to discuss ways of promoting inclusion and diversity in the field of art, offering the opportunity to exchange ideas and resources, share expertise, and collaborate to create projects and initiatives that value the perspectives and experiences of people with disabilities.

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