Rainfalls Give Farmers Hope to Revive the Agricultural Sector

Recent rainfalls have revived Moroccan farmers ‘ hopes of replicating last year’s good agricultural season, anticipating that the coming season will be characterized by an appropriate time distribution of rains that will raise the expected agricultural yield.

The rains have given hope to rural farmers in particular, given the early-year downpours that suggest signs of a good farming year.

The rains of the next three months will have a significant impact on autumnal crops and inland waterfowl, and therefore meeting local consumption needs, as well as a positive impact on both livestock and lower feed prices.

“Omar osiad, a community worker in the agricultural field in Azilal, stated that “during this annual period, rainfall is a good omen for rural farmers, especially in mountainous areas where people depend on subsistence farming.

“During these months in particular, land is relatively hot. The rain, in turn, helps to ease tillage operations that the farmers will work on twenty days later, causing crops to grow smoothly”, he added.

Accordingly, “The current government has promised to take care of rural areas by providing farmers with training in the field of mechanization, creating meaningful cooperatives in the country sides, and helping them to market their farms,” he concluded.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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