Romano Prodi: Morocco Should Be at Forefront of European Policy for Mediterranean

Former President of the Italian Council of Ministers and former President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, stressed on June 19, that Morocco should be at the “forefront” of European policy for the Mediterranean.

Prodi added that Morocco “is not only a country of great culture and size, but also a country with impressive development, whether in the field of scientific or economic research.”

In this regard, the former Italian prime minister stated that Morocco is a country that “stands out for its great internal balances and continuity, noting that it is in the best interest of Europe to draw Morocco even closer.

Prodi took part in the presentation of a new master’s degree by the UNINETTUNO International Telematic University entitled “European Union Studies: Cultures and History, Policies and Global Perspectives,” which was an opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the Mediterranean and examine ways of strengthening cooperation between the European Union (EU) and countries of the Mediterranean.

On this occasion, Morocco’s ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, highlighted Morocco’s leading position in the implementation of a new policy of good neighborliness between Europe and its regional partners across the Mediterranean, highlighting the Kingdom’s efforts to promote the development of a Mediterranean area that is “stable and prosperous for the benefit of all, at all levels.

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