Royal Pardon to 1,381 Persons on Independence Manifesto Anniversary

The Ministry of Justice announced, in a press release, that on the occasion of the commemoration of the presentation of the Manifesto of Independence, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, granted his pardon to 1,381 convicted persons. 

The number of detainees who benefited from the royal pardon is 1,198 detainees, distributed as follows:

  • 234 detainees benefited from pardons on the remainder of their prison sentence;
  • 959 prisoners benefited from waiver of imprisonment or confinement;
  • Commutation of the life sentence to life imprisonment for the benefit of 5 prisoners.

The number of released beneficiaries is 183 people, distributed as follows:

  • Pardon on the prison sentence or the remainder of it for the benefit of 48 people;
  • Pardon on the prison sentence while maintaining the fine for 9 people;
  • Remission of fine for the benefit of 111 people;
  • Pardon on imprisonment and fine for 15 people.

May Allah preserve His Majesty the King, source of clemency and mercy, perpetuate His glory and preserve His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and all members of the Royal Family.

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