South Korea: Journey to Moroccan Sahara, a Tribute to Southern Provinces

The cultural richness and economic and social development of Morocco’s Southern provinces were celebrated at a grand event organized by the Moroccan Embassy in Seoul, with the participation of prominent figures in business, academia, culture, the media, and diplomacy.

During this event, participants watched a documentary retracing the epic story of the glorious Green March, which enabled Morocco to fully attain its territorial integrity.

As a fine example of mobilization and discipline that never fails to earn the admiration of the international community, the Green March, a march during which 350 thousand Moroccan men and women marched in peace to seal the definitive and unequivocal restoration of the Kingdom’s southern provinces, paved the way for another equally important struggle, which is the development of these cherished provinces as part of a national effort encompassing all regions of the Kingdom. 

Through this film, the South Korean audience explored Morocco’s achievements in making the southern provinces a land of prosperity and a hub of development and cooperation.

The documentary also highlighted the wide-ranging development projects initiated under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI as eloquent testimony to the development achieved in the southern provinces, which are characterized by peace, stability, and development.

On this occasion, the President of the Moroccan-Korean Friendship Association, Sung Jung-Hwa, neatly provided an overview of these achievements to his colleagues who attended the event to discover more about Morocco’s Southern provinces, particularly the promising business opportunities in this region.

“We are very impressed with Morocco’s remarkable development and progress in several strategic sectors under the Wise Leadership of His Majesty the King, who has played a leading role in transforming Morocco into a prosperous, modern African nation and a model of stability and progress,” emphasized Sung. 

The South Korean diplomat also recalled the message sent to the late His Majesty King Hassan II by the former South Korean President, Park Chung Hee, expressing his congratulations on the success of the Green March.

For his part, the Moroccan ambassador to South Korea, Chafik Rachadi, emphasized that the Southern provinces are today an area of “resilience and transformation,” adding that all efforts are undertaken to ensure the development of these provinces within the framework of a far-sighted vision and an ambitious national policy implemented under the impetus of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. 

Rachadi also stressed that this policy, innovative in its approach, ambitious in its objectives, and holistic in its realization, leaves nothing to chance. 

The Moroccan ambassador added that the cultural, social, and environmental dimensions are central to this strategy, noting that the Southern provinces are a breeding ground for large-scale projects that have reshaped the region.

The event was an opportunity to discover the beauty of Morocco’s picturesque landscapes and development efforts through a beautiful book illustrated with photographs, offering an unparalleled journey across the Kingdom.

Produced by South Korean artist Lee HaeJa, following a journey across Morocco, including its southern provinces, the book recounts, through over 200 photographs, the story of a country proud of its thousand-year-old history and confident in its determined march towards more progress, prosperity, and modernity.

Lee recounts her experience in Morocco with passion, a passion translated into a beautiful book, which she describes as a hymn to Morocco’s beauty and diversity.

“Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve marveled at the beauty and splendor of a country where I have spent unforgettable moments that have left an indelible impact on me,” says the South Korean artist. 

For Lee, the vast Moroccan south, its unique beauty, tranquility, and golden dunes are “a must-see.” 

From the vast expanses of the Moroccan south to Fez, with its ancient medina and lanes full of unrivaled scents, to Casablanca and its legendary Hassan II Mosque, to Marrakech and its monuments that reflect a glorious history, Morocco is a country of several charms and mysteries, the perfect illustration of a nation where history and the future intertwine to offer the world a fine example of harmony. 

During this event, South Korean speakers praised the advances made by Morocco towards development, stressing that the Kingdom’s progress has promoted it as an essential partner for South Korea. 

As the Moroccan ambassador to South Korea noted, the shared history of the two countries militates in favor of a mutually beneficial Moroccan-South Korean partnership.

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