Spanish President Emphasizes Importance of Maintaining Relations with Morocco

The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, highlighted the excellent bilateral relations with Morocco, emphasizing the “strategic importance” of maintaining good relations with Morocco. 

“It is in our interest to maintain good relations, not only for Spain but also for the European Union,” Sanchez stated during a debate in the Congress of Deputies last Tuesday.

Sanchez also noted that “the facts and reality prove the importance of Morocco for both Spain and Europe”, adding that he “would always advocate the preservation of good relations with Morocco.” 

On a similar note, the Spanish President pointed out that trade with Morocco has grown by 33% in the past year, reaching almost 10 billion euros, and that the number of illegal immigrants entering the country has significantly decreased, stating that “of all the migration routes to Europe, the only one that has decreased is from Morocco to Spain.”

In addition, Sanchez stressed the importance of the upcoming high-level meeting between Morocco and Spain to strengthen bilateral cooperation. 

Based on the new roadmap, adopted last April, on the occasion of Sanchez’s visit to Morocco at the invitation of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the two nations are committed to address issues of common interest in a “state of trust and consultation” and to reactivate the working groups they established to rekindle multisectoral bilateral cooperation.

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