Taekwondo: Morocco to Participate in 2023 Bulgaria Open

The Moroccan Taekwondo selection will participate in the Bulgaria Open/G1 between April 29 and 30. 

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Taekwondo reported that the Moroccan selection will partake in an international training camp in Jordan, between May 2 and 13, with the participation of the Jordanian, Czech, Bulgarian, and Irish selections.

The Moroccan men’s selection includes Hatim Berrahou (-54 kg), Hamza Bensaid (-58 kg), Wassfi Abdelbasset (-63 kg), Mohamed El Attaoui (-68 kg), Youssef Boatriss (-80 kg), Soufiane Assbi (-87 kg) and Ayoub Bassel (+87 kg).

The Moroccan women’s team includes Nezha Assal (-46 kg), Meryem Khoulal (-62 kg), Safia Saleh (-67 kg), Oumayma Boumeh and Dounia Saber (-73 kg), and Fatima Zahra Abou Fares (+73 kg).

National executives Abdelkader Zrouri and Issam Charnoubi will supervise the Moroccan Taekwondo selection during both the Bulgaria Open and Jordan’s training camp.

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