The 2nd National Congress of Speleology and Geo-tourism in Oujda

The Faculty of Sciences under the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda will host, from November 19th to 21st, the 2nd edition of the National Scientific Congress of Speleology, Geotourism, and Valorization of natural resources, under the theme “Karsts, arts, speleology, and development issues”.

This event, organized jointly with the Moroccan Explorers Society and other partners, aims at promoting the scientific debate between various specialists and interested stakeholders around the importance of the natural heritage in general, and geological and karst in particular, as well as ways to make it a key lever for integrated and sustainable territorial development.

In a statement, the organizers point out that they want to make this meeting a crossroads of exchange of experiences, expertise, discoveries, and scientific research, while ensuring the development of skills and the sharing of information between participants.

This edition will address several axes relating to karstology, speleology, archaeology, the valorization of heritage and natural sites, Geotourism and Hydrogeology. According to the press, this congress is one of the national meetings dedicated to the valorization and protection of Moroccan speleological heritage, and seeks to become a regular biannual event organized each time in a different Moroccan city.

This second edition, which aims at promoting speleology in the Oriental region in particular, will have the participation of Moroccan and foreign experts and researchers and representatives of Moroccan associations active in this field.

These include raising awareness of the importance of speleology as a research axis, promoting the enhancement and preservation of caves and caverns in the service of sustainable development and presenting the latest developments in research in this field.

The event will also be marked by field visits to the Camel and Pigeon caves, in the province of Berkane, which are part of the national heritage.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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