The Aviation Sector Opens Up Prospects of Developing a “Carbon-Free” Industry in Morocco

According to Hamid bin Ibrahim al-Andaloussi, Honorary President of the Aviation and Space Industries Association of Morocco, the kingdom has high competitive qualifications in the aviation industry that can be exploited to win future bets.

“Projections indicate that the coming years will see the construction of 40,000 aircraft across the world, bringing the number of transactions of the sector to 8,000 billion dollars”, Al Andalusi indicated during his participation on Monday in a seminar on “the success story of the industry sector in Morocco “at Expo Dubai 2020.

In addition, the speaker underlined to what extent Morocco is determined to be a part of this industry, which will experience an important development in the coming years, by relying more on carbon-free specifications.

Meanwhile, Christian Chappell, BSE Group Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa talked about Morocco’s achievements in the automotive industry as it has recently become the number one exporter in the kingdom.

Chappell also pointed to the achievements of ‘’the Kenitra plant’’ through the production of the new Peugeot 208 and the Citroen AMI electric car. Besides, it is expected to soon produce the new electric car of the Opel rocks e brand.

Further, participants in the seminar said that the automotive sector in Morocco has achieved significant growth that has exceeded expectations by occupying the first place in the national industrial fabric, a sector that has shown its resilience to the fallout of the current pandemic.

The seminar was also an occasion to talk about the Tangier Mediterranean port as a model Public-Private Partnership Project, which has attracted a number of international actors since its opening in 2003, making the kingdom a regional and continental platform for industry and logistics.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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