The Epidemiological Situation in Morocco improves and retreats To the Alert-Level Orange

Moroccan Local Media has reported an improvement in The Epidemic Situation of the Corona Pandemic across the country, owing mainly to the expansion of mass vaccination of Corona antigens.

Besides, The Relevant Health Authorities have also affirmed the extent to which the Epidemic Wave associated with the ‘’ DELTA’’ axis has retreated from the ‘’ Red Threat’’ stage to the ‘’ Alert- Level Orange’’ due to the wide range of preventive measures undertaken by the majority of citizens as essential to the fight against Covid-19 variants, some of which address avoiding mass gatherings, in other words, people’s attempt to get together in a small space.

Further, various sources noted that The Health Ministry hope that the decline in critical cases in the resuscitation and intensive care departments will continue, on the horizon to go down to the ‘’ Green Level’’.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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