The Moroccan Capital Market Authority awards the AMMC Prize for Research

Rabat, June 6, 2022
In order to consolidate its links with the academic world and encourage scientific research, the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) launched in June 2021, with the support of its Scientific Council, a prize for research on economic and financial themes focusing on the Moroccan economy and the capital market, which are of interest to the Authority.

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority, after deliberations by the members of its Scientific Council, is pleased to announce the winner of the AMMC Research Prize as well as the first two finalists of the competition:
Winner of the AMMC Research Prize
Two first finalists
Mrs Khaoula DAHANI

The AMMC rewards Mr. Karim BELCAID for his research work which focused on the modeling of the dynamic interactions between the Moroccan and international stock markets and the economic sphere.
The Authority also rewards Ms. Khaoula DAHANI for her research work devoted to the mathematical modeling of participatory finance, and Mr. El Mehdi FERROUHI for his work on mimetic behavior on the Moroccan stock market.

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