The Opening of the Higher School of Technology in Nador city

On Tuesday, the president of Mohammed I University in Oujda’’ Yassine Zaghloul’’, supervised the official opening of the Higher School of technology, which will join the institutions of the University

During the opening ceremony, Mr.’’ Zaghloul’’, as well as the school’s principal ‘’Mohammed Atont’’, the general clerk, and a number of professors at Al-Nador college, didn’t hesitate to visit the various departments and corridors of the school, which this year received the first class of students who look forward to achieving a positive result by the end of the school year.

Zaghloul praised the efforts made by those who contributed to opening this school, stressing the need to provide the appropriate academic environment and provide all material and logistical support.

The president of ‘’Mohammed al-awal University’’ also provided students  who started attending their first session classes at the Higher School of technology with a set of guidance and advice, revealing the prospects and advantages that it provides.

” Indeed, we have got the honor to inform you all of the different advantages offered by our school, including its trainings and workshops, both within it or in interviews, public institutions, and the private sector” , Mohammed Atont noted.

Further, the speaker highlighted that the school has so far registered 120 students; the latter are continuing their studies temporarily in the halls and terraces of the college multidisciplinary. Besides, he appreciated the efforts made by the Dean of the College ‘’Ali Azdimosi’’, as well as his support and assistance for contributing to the success of such vital University project.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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