The planet is hot: more than 1200 deaths in the Spanish oven

It is under a blazing sun and temperatures that can exceed 40°C that thousands of workers have to wear themselves out in Spain.

Since July 9, Spain has been breaking temperature records. Some regions have seen the mercury soar to 45°C.

According to data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), this is the first wave of such extreme heat to hit the country, reported the daily El Pais.

In the country’s capital, 40°C was exceeded several times until July 18, and led to more than 1,200 deaths, according to government data.

In the Plaza Mayor yesterday, as the sun reached its zenith, workers of Pakistani origin suffered martyrdom in mascot costumes.

Visitors and residents who roam the streets of the Spanish capital do everything to find the slightest moment of respite from the heat and sun.

On the sidewalks of Calle Grand Vía, Madrid’s famous avenue, people jostle to walk in the shade.

Some take breaks by leaning on the buildings. Others brave the sun armed with an umbrella for protection.

On restaurant terraces, there is no time to quench your thirst with a glass or pitcher of sangria. Many customers enjoy the shade of the parasol and misters.

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