The Portuguese city in El Jadida: A magical place strongly impacted by the pandemic

The Portuguese city, one of the best tourist spots in the El Jadida region and even in Morocco, is strongly impacted by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on national and international tourism.

Rachid H., authentic Moroccan products trader within the Portuguese city for more than 20 years describes the situation to us: (We have never experienced such a crisis. We don’t receive either foreign or national tourists. Some colleagues have closed their shops definitely, I open every day with the hope that tomorrow will be better).

We walk in the small streets of the city, we feel the sadness of the traders, cafes, restaurants and even the local residents. Aziz El., Waiter in one of the cafes in the city remains positive: (I don’t think the situation will be worse than it is today, I think things will work out with the vaccination and we will soon have visitors as before).

While waiting for an exit from this global health crisis, we have only one choice left: solidarity between the Moroccan people by visiting the beautiful places of our country and helping this social layer to emerge from an unprecedented economic crisis. .

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