The Royal Speech Marks a New Step towards Further Development

‘’The speech delivered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the opening of the new parliamentary session marks a new step towards the continuation of the march of development in the Kingdom’’, the academic and political scientist, Mohamed Bentalha, said in a statement.

From the perspective of the press regarding the content of the King’s speech, Mr. Bentalha noted that the latter marks a new stage requiring the pooling of efforts around strategic priorities for the continuation of the development march, stressing that it is a speech “of hope and clarity” and promising a radiant future for the country.

He also considered that this speech is “inspiring and historic, by all measures”, in addition to constituting a roadmap for the new Moroccan executive. Equally important, HM the King praised, on this occasion, the good organization of the last elections which took place in a positive climate and were marked by a wide participation, especially in the Southern Provinces.

Mr. Bentalha also noted that Moroccans have realized, through the health crisis that sovereignty is not an abstract choice, but it responds to a functional necessity consisting of a precise knowledge of the areas of its implementation. And this is precisely what the Sovereign emphasized clearly in His speech by noting that Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the return in force of the theme of ‘’sovereignty’’, taking place in either health, energy, industry, nutrition or others.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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