Tokyo Paralympic Games: first gold medal for Morocco

Moroccan Abdeslam Hili offered Morocco his first gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games this Thursday, beating the world record in the 400m (T12) in 47 sec 59 / 100th. Hili dominated the American Noah Malone (47 sec 93 / 100th), and the Tunisian Rouay Jebabli (48 sec 01 / 100th). For his part, the second Moroccan entered in this event, Mahdi Afri, came in fourth position (48 sec 93 / 100th).

On the other hand, the Moroccan Mohamed Amguoun won the silver medal in the 400 m (T13) the same day. Amgoun, who holds the world record for the event (46.92), established in London in 2017, finished second in covering the 400 m in 47 sec 70 / 100th, behind the Algerian Skander Djamil Athmani (46 sec 70 / 100th ) and ahead of the Namibian Johannes Nambala who nevertheless achieved his best time of the season (48 sec 76 / 100th).

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