Transit Operation 2023: Morocco-Spain Joint Transit Commission Holds Meeting in Madrid

The Morocco-Spain joint Transit commission held a meeting, Wednesday in Madrid, co-chaired by Wali, Director of Migration and Border Surveillance at the Moroccan Ministry of Interior, Khalid Zerouali, and Spanish Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Isabel Goicoechea Aranguren.

This meeting focused on the operational arrangements implemented by both Morocco and Spain to ensure optimal conditions for Transit Operation 2023, particularly in terms of fluidity, security and safety, assistance, communication, proximity, and prevention measures.

The national system is consistent with all sectoral measures, consisting of a large-scale social assistance system established by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity abroad and in Morocco, with over 1.400 social workers and health professionals dispatched to rest areas and border crossing points.

The National System also includes a comprehensive fleet plan, with thirty-two vessels and nine maritime operators, serving twelve maritime lines with a capacity of over 45,529 passengers and 12,357 vehicles on the Tangier Med-Algeciras line, an increase of 8%, and an investment of over MAD 300 million for the renovation of port infrastructure in Tangier Med, Nador, Al-Hoceima and Tangier. It also includes comfort and facilitation measures for passengers, such as relaxation islands, shaded areas, and dredging of ferry berths.

In addition, the measures cover medical and sanitary supervision provided along the main roads and rest areas (3.578 km), focusing on the mobilization of local authorities, including the establishment of cells in the relevant provinces and prefectures, the strengthening of security services and the mobilization of Moroccan consular representations in Spain with a daily provision of services, including on weekends and holidays.

Other necessary measures were taken in maritime and road transport, including technical check-up campaigns for ships and the mobilization of land transport inspectors.

To accompany this operation, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity launched a multimedia communication strategy for Moroccans living abroad through the Marhaba website to widely spread practical information about the operation. 

During the meeting of the Commission, Morocco and Spain affirmed their commitment to strengthening coordination between focal points for smooth information exchange, and addressing issues related to peak days management, ticket interchangeability, and the regulation of the sea crossings cost.

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