Tremplin L’Boulevard Reveals List of Competitors in 21st Edition

L’Boulvart Artistic and Cultural Education Association (EAC-L’Boulevart) has unveiled the list of young artists and groups selected to participate in the 21st edition of the Tremplin L’Boulevard.

L’Boulvart Artistic and Cultural Education Association stated in a press release that “for this edition of L’Boulevard festival, the committee received over280 applications, with 236 applications in the Rap/Hip-Hop category, 12 in the Rock/Metal category, and 33 in the Fusion and other Contemporary Music category.

Following careful deliberation, the jury selected, on August 12 and 13, 15 groups and artists, divided into 7 groups in the Rap/Hip-Hop category, 4 in the Rock/Metal, and 4 in the Fusion and other Contemporary Music.

The press release recalled that the winners of the 20th edition of L’Boulevard recently started recording sessions at Studio Hiba, affirming that this partnership will proceed in 2023 and will ensure the recording of a track for the winners in each category.

According to the organizers, this initiative aims to support the local arts talent by offering a complete value chain to aspiring young bands, guiding them from the Tremplin to training, broadcasting, recording, and promotion. 

Two winners from each category will be chosen at the end of the Tremplin competition, earning the opportunity to perform once again during the second weekend of L’Boulevard ( September 22-24).

The second performance will be prepared prior, following a week-long training course, “Profession Musicien,” covering several aspects of the profession, from songwriting and technique to stage, lighting, and communication. 

In recognition of their success, winners will also receive monetary prizes, with the prize of the first winner being MAD 10K and the second one MAD 5K. 

The lineup for this 22nd edition includes in the Rap/Hip-Hop category BABIDO (Casablanca), DAREAL GOKU (Casablanca),  YAKUZA (Casablanca), SCOOL BOY (Casablanca), and N.I.C. (Casablanca), 7MAD (Agadir), and DONTIF (Tiznit). 

As for the Rock/Metal category, it includes WE COME FOR WAR (Casablanca), STAIN (Casablanca), TAGREST (Casablanca), and MALAK (Marrakech).

The Fusion and other Contemporary Music category features ANASS OUBLAID & RAW RHYTHM (Azilal), FERAS & THE RIDDIM UP (Rabat), M’HAMID BAND (M’HAMID EL GHIZLANE), and F’NZAHA (Casablanca).

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