Two Moroccan Quran Reciters Qualify for Semifinals of Saudi Otr Elkalam Competition

Two Moroccan reciters made it to the semifinalists of the international Quran recitation and Adhan competition, “Otr Elkalam”, an initiative of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority.

Moroccans Abdellah Doghri and Zakaria El-Zirik will compete in the category of Quran recitation on Saturday, alongside candidates representing Ethiopia, Egypt, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Spain. 

“Otr Elkalam” is the first competition to combine Quran recitation and Adhan (call to prayer), with the highest prizes out of similar competitions which equal about 12 million riyals (3.2 million dollars).

This competition aims to introduce the world to Islam’s tolerance and moderation, create new programs to enhance the quality of voices, honor creators and celebrate talents in the recitation of the Quran and Adhan.

Otr Elkalam will witness in its next few episodes a remarkable leap in terms of the standard of competitiveness between the contestants, who form a map of spiritual voices consistent with the Quranic verses and the words of the Adhan. 

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