UN World Oceans Day: Highlighting Crucial Role Oceans Play in Preserving Life on Earth 

Every June 7, the world commemorates World Oceans Day to raise awareness about the crucial role that oceans play in our daily lives and in preserving life on Earth.

World Oceans Day is a global wake-up call to realize the importance of oceans and encourage individuals to be more proactive and take action to protect oceans from pollution. 

This year, the United Nations (UN) commemorates World Oceans Day under the theme “Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing” to shed light on the role that oceans play on the planet beyond the surface level and stress the imperative of preserving oceans which constitute a major source of food and medicine. 

The United Nations (UN) World Oceans Day also aims to emphasize the consequences of human and industrial waste, such as dumping plastic pollution, garbage disposal, and oil leaks, on oceans and the direct impact these consequences have on our lives. 

Governments, organizations, and institutions from around the world take several actions to raise awareness among individuals of the importance of preserving oceans. 

In Morocco, Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, organizes several events and competitions, such as the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastline Trophies, to reward and encourage initiatives that contribute to the protection of coastline and oceans.

Since 2019, the Foundation has been particularly committed to the fight against plastic pollution with the launch of its “#b7arblaplastic” campaign which constitutes an ideal opportunity to publicize the Foundation’s initiatives and raise awareness of this cause among the general public.

In addition, several Moroccan institutions and non-governmental organizations operate in the field of environment and ocean protection and organize several campaigns, activities, and events to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet’s natural resources. 

Among these organizations, we find Surfrider Foundation Maroc, a non-governmental organization under the 1958 Dahir law for the protection and sustainable management of Morocco’s coastline and oceans.

Surfrider Morocco works towards preserving natural resources and takes several initiatives to promote environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources.

In an exclusive interview with Morocco Times TV, Project Manager at Surfrider Foundation Maroc, Etienne Magat, said that Surfrider, headquartered in Agadir, is a non-profit organization that aims to protect the ocean and its uses, adding that the foundation operates on three action livers, namely awareness, protection, and information to achieve its objectives.

Magat also stated that in commemoration of World Oceans Day, Surfrider Morocco hosts and attends several events, such as roundtables, campaigns, and conferences, noting that the foundation will also partake in the sixth edition of “Les Océanes” festival between June 8 and 11 in Essaouira.

Surfrider Morocco’s Project Manager also highlighted the ocean initiatives that the foundation takes to promote cleaner beaches and coastlines and encourage individuals to preserve the environment.

In this regard, Magat stressed that individuals can contribute to the fight against ocean pollution through simple practices, underlining that reducing, reusing, and recycling waste makes a significant difference.

“Let’s reduce our plastic consumption. The ocean needs more friends, act positive and protect the ocean,” concluded Surfrider Morocco’s Project Manager.

Protecting the ocean is a common responsibility. Together we can help protect the ecosystem and contribute to preserving the oceans and the environment for a better, sustainable, and comfortable life, for us and for future generations.

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