Uncertainty reigns in Guinea after the overthrow of President Alpha Condé

The putschist soldiers had not forgotten any of the utensils or pictures, released in such circumstances, for their first appearance on Guinean airwaves: red berets screwed on their heads, camouflage fatigues firmly strapped on, balaclavas and dark glasses. So much for the panoply. The essential was elsewhere, dramatic, with the announcement of the tutelage of republican institutions by a mysterious National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD), with imprecise outlines.

The speech with populist overtones justified the coup by the necessary safeguard of the country endangered, according to them, by the excess of power of Alpha Condé. The latter, president badly reelected in October 2020 for a third term, after having carved out a new Constitution to his measure, would be held by the actors of this putsch led by young officers of the special forces, usually in charge of the fight against terrorism.

Twenty-four hours after the sudden and brutal appearance of these factious soldiers, the course of events still has its gray areas. The inhabitants of the center of Conakry say that they were woken up, early Sunday morning, by the “tac-tac” of automatic weapons crackling on the outskirts of the Presidency of the Guinean Republic, located on the Kaloum peninsula, a district of capital affairs and state administrative center.

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