Vaccination Pass is Now Mandatory in Morocco

The government has decided to adopt, starting from next Thursday, a new preventive approach based on the vaccine pass; a document approved by health authorities in accordance with the legal provisions on the state of health emergency management.        

According to a government statement, this decision comes “as part of strengthening the positive development of the national vaccination campaign, while taking into consideration the gradual decline in the number of COVID-19 infections due to the measures taken by public authorities”. 

The new preventive approach is “in accordance with the recommendations provided by the Scientific and Technical Committee,” and shall be adopted “through a series of measures,” the statement underlined. 

These measures, according to the same source, address allowing people to travel between Morocco’s prefectures and provinces, through private or public means of transport, on the exclusive condition of presenting the vaccine pass which is now mandatory. 

“Moreover, these measures concern the adoption of the vaccine pass as a document for traveling abroad and the cancellation of the travel authorization issued by local authorities”, the source added. 

Accordingly, officials, employees, and employers in administrations are also supposed to present their vaccine pass to access public, semi-public and private administrations, noting that the pass is also required to access hotels and tourist establishments, restaurants, cafés, closed spaces, shops, gyms, and hammams.

“In additions, officials in the public and private sectors will have to ensure the correct implementation of all these measures, under their direct legal responsibility”, the statement specified.

The government recalls that the other preventive measures that have already been introduced remain in force, calling anyone who has not been vaccinated yet to receive two vaccine shots as soon as possible, and those who have been fully vaccinated more than six months ago to get their third injection for a strong immunity.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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