Water Stress: Nizar Baraka Sheds Light on Government’s Management Strategy

The Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, shed light on the main axes of the government’s strategy for the management of water stress.

Intervening, on January 22, during a session of oral questions at the House of Representatives, the minister indicated that changes had been introduced to the government strategy, particularly concerning water desalination. 

In this regard, Baraka explained that the goal changed from “140 million cubic meters desalinated to 1.4 billion cubic meters in 2030,” adding that 50% of drinking water will come from desalination.

In addition, the minister revealed that the government is considering a strategy focused mainly on water highway projects, some of which are already underway, such as the interconnection of Sebou and Bouregreg basins, noting that the “regions equipped with desalination stations will provide for non-coastal regions like Khouribga, Benguerir, Youssoufia, and Marrakech.”

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