World Chovgan Championships: Moroccan National Polo Selection in Final Round

The Moroccan national polo selection qualified on November 6 for the final of the World Chovgan Championship, underway in the Azerbaijani capital Baku until November 8.

The Moroccan selection, which includes Sidi Mohammed El Mhamdi, Moulay Abdessalam El Hanafi, Zouhir Lachgar, and Taissir Kadiri, qualified for the finals after defeating Kazakhstan (3-1) and Poland (4-0).

The national polo selection will face on Wednesday, November 8 its Azerbaijani counterpart, who qualified following a victory over Turkey (7-1), and Kazakhstan  (7-0).

The ranking match to determine third and fourth places will pit Poland against Uzbekistan.

Chovgan, extremely popular in Azerbaijan, is a traditional equestrian game played on a flat field between two teams of players mounted on horses. Similar to polo, each team includes four riders who attempt to kick a small ball into the opponent’s net using wooden mallets.

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