World Cup 2022: Argentina dethrones France after a final full of twists and turns

Sunday, December 18 in Lusail, Qatar, the Blues lost their title of world football champion. In return, they only earned eternal regrets. With the exception of “a village of irreducible Gauls”, the “whole world” wanted Argentina to be crowned – until the Franco-Argentinian David Trezeguet, titled in 1998. And the “whole world” got satisfaction . On his fifth attempt, Lionel Messi finally obtains the most coveted trophy in the world of football.

By recovering that of best player in the competition, Lionel Messi allowed himself a small detour. Before going to pose in front of the photographers, the Argentine captain stopped in front of the World Cup, to place a kiss there. After sixteen years of quest and at the end of an incredible final, his Argentina dethroned the French team on penalties in the World Cup final (3-3, 4-2 on tab). “That’s the title I was missing and here it is. It’s crazy ! He was long overdue. Winning the World Cup is every kid’s dream,” Lionel Messi told Argentinian broadcaster TyC Sports.

Applauded in an indescribable hubbub by the 88,966 spectators at the Lusail stadium before the match, Messi, who scored twice, was even more so when he brandished the ultimate trophy, wearing a traditional black and gold tunic. offered by Emir Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani. Arrived at the stadium in a Louis Vuitton trunk – a luxury French setting for an invention by the late Jules Rimet – the famous statuette already seemed to have to return to the South American idol, for the whole of his career.

In football, however, merit is a relative concept. Never crowned, Johan Cruyff or Michel Platini know something about it. But Lionel Messi will not ruminate on the regret of this gaping hole in a list as extensive as his country.

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