World Para-Athletics Championships: Morocco Breaks World Record for 1500-meter in T12

Morocco broke the world record for the 1500-meter race in the T12 category (visually impaired) at the World Para-Athletics Championships, held in Paris between July 8 and 17. 

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Sport for the Disabled (FRMSPSH) reported that Moroccan athlete Fatima Ezzahra El Idrissi snatched gold in the 1500m (T12), setting a new world record (4.22.15’).  

The sporting event is witnessing a strong Moroccan presence, with Mouncef Bouja snatching silver (T12/100m) and Oumaima Oubraym winning bronze (F32/club throw).

Morocco is participating in this event, which brings together 1.700 athletes (physically, visually, psychologically, or mentally disabled) from 120 countries, with 18 athletes.

The Moroccan delegation includes Ayoub Sadni (T47/400 m), Zakariae Derhem (F33/weight), Saida Amoudi (F34/weight), Youssra Karim (F41/disc), Fouzia El Kassioui (F33/weight), Zakariae Ez Zouhri (F44/javelin), Hayat El Garaa (F41/disc) and Norelhouda El Kaoui (F55/disc). 

The delegation also includes Hind Frioua (F31/Club), Oumaima Oubraym (F32/throw club), Azeddine Nouiri (F34/weight), Redouane Thabit (F40/weight), Abdelilah Gani (F53/weight), Nasri Yamani (T64/length), Fatima Ezzahra El Idrissi (T12/1500m), Oussama Hmimsa (T13/1500m), Mouncef Bouja (T12/100m) and Anass Sikouk (T36/100m).

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