A further increase in fuel prices at the pump

At the pump, fuel prices saw a further increase of 36 cents per liter on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, according to data from the National Federation of Owners, Merchants and Managers of Petrol Stations in Morocco (FNPCGS). The price of a liter of gasoline should increase from 17.78 to 18.48 DH/L.

As for diesel, the price per liter should drop from 15.97 to 16.52 dirhams. Since January 2022, fuel prices in Morocco have been on an upward trend. The liter of unleaded went from 12.11 dirhams at the beginning of January to more than 17.80 dirhams in June.

The liter of diesel, meanwhile, has jumped by about 5 dirhams, from 10.13 dirhams at the start of the year to more than 15.60 currently.

In response to this price spike, the Akhannouch government launched an operation to support road transport professionals with the aim of preserving the purchasing power of citizens. But the professionals were the only beneficiaries. Because in addition to the subsidy granted to them, they increased their prices, which had a cascading effect on consumer prices.

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