‘’Africa is changing’’: A strong campaign in Morocco to substitute French with English language

As the schools return deadline approaches in Morocco, there is renewed debate about the need to adopt English as a first foreign language instead of French, due to several scientific and economic considerations.

In fact, as French influence began to gradually wane, with a strong public awareness against the policies of dependency, it was essential in the educational community, cultural elites and the public mood, to learn and adopt English instead of French as it became the language of scientific research, the labor market, and technology.

Based on this principle, a large digital campaign was launched in Morocco, calling for the adoption of English as a second language instead of French

‘’I hope that the next new government will change its system by cancelling French as the language of science in schools and Universities and encourage teaching sciences and all the others fields in Arabic and English’’, a Moroccan student said in a statement .

Further, Activists believe that learning English and adopting it as a first foreign language could open up future prospects for global job markets, as well as opportunities for other global cultures, unlike French.

Equally important, Edward Philip, former French prime minister,  Confirmed earlier on his account on Twitter that ”learning English is the right way to ensure a better future”.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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