Al Haouz Earthquake: Spain Honored by Gratitude Message of HM King Mohammed VI (Spanish Ambassador)

Spain’s ambassador to Morocco, Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, stated, in Rabat on September 18, that his country is “honored and touched” by His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s heartfelt message of gratitude to the Head of the contingent of the Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME), which participated in the relief and rescue efforts following Al Haouz earthquake.

In a statement to the press, Díez-Hochleitner stressed that Spain, which contributed to the rescue efforts under the supervision of the Moroccan authorities along with other countries, is impressed by the professionalism of the Moroccan rescue teams, as well as by the outpouring of solidarity from all Moroccans with the affected families and villages. 

The Spanish diplomat recalled that Spain had dispatched several units, namely the Military Emergency Unit (UME), national police units, the Generalitat of Catalonia, and units from the Granada and Madrid town halls, to assist their Moroccan counterparts.

The Spanish ambassador also reiterated his country’s profound solidarity with Morocco, noting that Spain will always support the Moroccan Kingdom and remain at the disposal of the Moroccan authorities.

On September 17, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, sent a message of gratitude to Lieutenant-Colonel Juan Saldana, Head of the contingent of the Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME), who participated in rescue efforts following the earthquake that struck Al Haouz region.

In this message, His Majesty the King praised the active and effective participation of the members of the Spanish rescue team who, alongside their Moroccan counterparts, deployed all their efforts and resources during the search and rescue operations.

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