Al Haouz Earthquake: Spain to Dispatch More Rescuers to Assist in Relief Efforts

The Spanish government announced on the evening of September 11 the dispatch of more rescuers to Morocco to help in ongoing rescue operations.

The Spanish Ministry of Interior announced in a statement that in addition to the teams already dispatched, “Spain will immediately send five new canine search teams to Morocco,” including “31 specialists, 15 search and rescue dogs, and 11 vehicles,” which are due to arrive in the affected areas on September 12.

These new Spanish teams, consisting of national police forces and regional authorities, will join the eight dogs, 56 specialized military personnel, and 30 experts from the Madrid region already on site.

On the evening of September 10, Morocco announced that it had accepted offers from four countries to send search and rescue teams, namely Spain, the UK, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Moroccan rescue workers, supported by foreign teams, redoubled their efforts on September 11 to rescue more survivors and provide assistance to hundreds of homeless people, almost 72 hours after the earthquake which killed almost 2,900 people according to the latest death toll by the Ministry of Interior.

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