Al Haouz Earthquake: Spanish Rescue Workers Praise Moroccan Teams’ Professionalism

Spanish rescue workers praised the professionalism of Moroccan teams and their efforts to rescue, evacuate, and provide first aid for the injured following the earthquake that struck the Kingdom’s regions on the evening of September 8.

Head of the Spanish rescue team in the Talat N’Yacoub commune (100 km from Marrakech), Igor Simonoff, stated that they “have come to support the local teams who have been mobilized since the very beginning and who have impressed us with their efforts.” 

The Spanish rescue worker, who coordinates the missions of the Spanish team specializing in this field, stressed that he was “working in full coordination with the Moroccan teams,” praising the “collaboration” and “relationship of trust” that prevailed between all the teams involved.

Search and rescue teams from Spain, the UK, and Qatar are currently deployed alongside Moroccan rescue teams in the areas heavily affected by the earthquake.

The offers of support and aid on the part of several brotherly countries are accepted based on a precise assessment by Moroccan authorities of on-the-ground needs.

The earthquake sparked an outpouring of solidarity, particularly from several heads of state, governments and international institutions, who expressed their condolences and solidarity with the Kingdom and the Moroccan people.

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