Andalusian Official: Maintaining Good Relations with Morocco, a Priority for Andalusia, Spain

The Minister of Presidency, Interior, and Social Dialogue of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, affirmed, on July 19, that relations with Morocco are “a priority for both Andalusia and Spain.”

Sanz emphasized, during a debate in the regional parliament, that for the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, “relations with Morocco are one of the pillars of our external policy.”

“It is obvious that Andalusia has always played a unique role as a bridge between the cultures of the two shores and that the existing ties between Morocco and Andalusia have fostered and developed their closeness and mutual trust,” underlined Sanz. 

The Andalusian official also stressed that “Andalusia must maintain a close relationship with Morocco based on trust, respect, understanding, and economic collaboration,” which offers “a great opportunity” for business and investment in tourism, agri-food, and the automotive industry, as well as in textiles, education, renewable energies, digitization, and logistics.

In this regard, Sanz noted that Morocco is the second most important export destination for Andalusian companies, with a total of 4.257 companies, representing an increase of 22% compared to the previous year. 

Sanz also emphasized that Andalusia’s cultural, political, economic, and commercial relations with Morocco are “productive, satisfactory, and must be expanded.”

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