Bedbug Outbreak: Ministry of Health, Social Protection Activates Vigilance System to Prevent Potential Spread

The Moroccan Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced on October 3 the activation of the health vigilance system to prevent any possible entry and spread of bedbugs into the national territory.

The Ministry stated in a press release that the activation of the health vigilance and proactive surveillance system against any intrusion and spread of bedbugs into national territory, in coordination with the different public authorities in border health surveillance, “comes in response to reports of the spread of this insect in a European country.”

Following an alert issued by the captain of a ship sailing from the port of Marseille in France on October 2, on the suspected presence of bedbugs in the crew cabin, the Ministry affirmed to the public that the health surveillance services in the port of Tangier Med implemented the usual procedures in such cases, carrying out a thorough inspection of all components of the ship, its cargo, and common areas, adding that the results of the inspection showed the absence of any insects on board, including bedbugs.

According to the same source, the Ministry’s health control services at the Tangier Med port and other sea, air, and land transit points, in collaboration with the relevant departments, carry out thorough and comprehensive inspections of all means of transport entering or leaving these border posts per national border health surveillance procedures and international standards as recommended by International Health Regulations (IHR, 2005).

The Ministry of Health stresses that these measures are part of its efforts to ensure the safety of citizens, protect public health, and prevent the infiltration of this insect into national territory.

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