Bosnia and Herzegovina: a 5.7 earthquake shakes the south of the country, at least one dead

An earthquake, felt across the Balkans, was recorded in southern Bosnia on Friday, April 22. A 28-year-old woman died, several people were injured and property damage observed.

A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.7, according to the United States Seismological Service (USGS), shook southern Bosnia on the evening of Friday, April 22, 2022, causing one death, several injuries and property damage, authorities reported. local media.

A 28-year-old woman, injured in Stolac when a rock fell on her house, died in a hospital in the town near Mostar, said a hospital source, quoted by several media.

Several other people were lightly injured, including members of the victim’s family.

Material damage, in particular cracks and collapses of walls, was reported by the authorities and the civil protection of Stolac, but also of Ljubinje and Mostar.

The quake was felt across the Balkans, an area of high seismic activity. Its epicenter was located 14 km northeast of Ljubinje (4,000 inhabitants), according to the USGS.

It was also 16 km east of the town of Stolac (14,000 inhabitants) and 42 km southeast of Mostar (105,000 inhabitants), according to the Center for Euro-Mediterranean Seismology (CSEM).

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