Morocco takes part in NATO meeting on Ukraine

Morocco and Tunisia are among the list of 14 non-NATO countries that have been invited to participate in a high-level military meeting of the alliance on the war in Ukraine.

At the meeting, officially titled the Defense Advisory Group of Ukraine, and hosted by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Tuesday at the military base in Ramstein, Germany, the United States is expected to “press how allies and partners can unite to best support Ukraine’s continued defense against Russia,” the specialist website Breaking Defense said.

In addition to NATO members, four African countries took part in this meeting: Tunisia and Morocco, Kenya and Liberia, as well as three Middle Eastern countries: Israel, Qatar and Jordan.

The meeting program includes presentations on Russia’s changing tactics and strategies and Ukraine’s military needs, among other topics.

“Now some of the countries invited and some of the countries that will go are, in fact, NATO allies, but they do so unilaterally and sovereignly, and not within the framework of the alliance”, affirmed in this senses a Pentagon press secretary during a press briefing last Friday.

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